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    13, 14 and 15 year olds pay £30,000 per year a 10% deposit required to guarantee your child a place for September 2017. Deposit can be paid by bank transfer or online via a secure payment service on the school website. The remaining balance of fee needs to be paid by July 1st 2017.

    • £30,000 fee is fully inclusive of all costs.
    • 2 Return Flights per year China via London.
    • All Visa’s paid for by school.
    • All food at school free.
    • School uniform blazers with school logo free.
    • Accommodation at School included.
    • All School resources pens, paper, books free.
    • Scholarships paid by School where appropriate.
    • All Work Experience costs paid by school.

    16 and 17 year old A Level students pay £40,000 per year with a 10% deposit to guarantee a school place for September 2017. The remaining balance of fee needs to be paid by July 1st 2017.

    All above expenses paid and A Level students pay a little bit more because for one academic term, which is 7 weeks, these students can chose between USA and Canada for one school term to study and then return to Royale International School of Education to finish their studies.