BA/Bsc and Masters Degree Costs

The RISE International School of Education as linked up with 2 UK Universities to offer students who have recently left University and Adult learners the opportunity to do online BA and Bsc degrees and Masters degrees in various subject areas which can  be found on the website on the Applications page.

These courses if attended in another country can be very expensive for overseas students in particular. Students have to obtain a Visa, pay for accommodation for the 3 years the courses run in the case of BA and Bsc degrees and get flights to the country they go to. Masters degrees are also similar with the same expenses required and the difficulty of obtaining Visas for a full time 12 month Masters degree.

The RISE International School of Education as therefore tried to devise a system in partnership with the 2 Universities that offer this tuition at a much more affordable rate and for a much shorter period of time. This also applies to UK students.

Full 24 hour access to materials is available and a full time dedicated tutor is assigned to each student for help and advice. Marking and Moderation is all done electronically in discussion with the tutor. All students are also invited to attend the graduation ceremony to collect there certificate if they wish to.

Most 3 year BA or Bsc degree courses can cost an overseas student anywhere between £30,000 t0 £70,000 depending on whether they have a sponsor or not. Masters degrees for a full 12 month course can cost anywhere between £30,000 and £50,000 so we can offer online courses a lot cheaper and students can study in the comfort of their own home in their own country.


BA/Bsc Degree online costs are £25,000 and these courses can be completed in 12 months only.

Masters Degrees online costs are £20,000 and these courses can be completed in 6 months only.