Overseas Full-Time Study Costs

RISE International School of Education offers all overseas students the fantastic opportunity to come to the UK and study and live full-time.

We have schools in the cosmopolitan capital city of London and the historic university towns of Oxford and Cambridge.

Students will board at or very near the schools in each location and parents are very welcome to visit the schools this coming summer 2017. We open our doors to all the schools September 2017 for our first cohorts of students.

The unique British Education we offer is very modern and involves the most up to date classroom technology and resources from school uniforms which have built in sensors for instant class registration, 3D imaging and computer systems for classrooms and laboratories to 3D mould making equipment.

The quality of the environment and the teaching is first class and out students will experience an education above all others that will not only get the very best results from them but will also make them better people when they leave RISE. We want our students to be recognised across the world as leaders, innovators, developers and inspirations to all other people they meet.

The IGCSE/GCSE courses we offer are 3 years in duration although there is the opportunity for exceptional learners to do some courses in 2 years and move onto their A Levels earlier.

Our A Levels are 2 year courses of which there are over 30 to choose from as with our IGCSE/GCSE options.

These courses are priced at a level that makes our schools one of the best for value and quality in the world.

13,14 and 15 year old students doing IGCSE/GCSE will pay per year £30,000 and this fee includes every parental cost.



  • Visa Costs
  • Accommodation Costs
  • Food for the whole year
  • 2 Return Flights per year to the students home country
  • All school resources – pens , pencils , books , tablets ipads
  • All school Trips
  • Scholarships for students that take one
  • School Uniform – Blazer and Tie
  • All Work Experience costs
  • Apprenticeship costs


All the above costs in many International Schools are charged as extras so you can pay on top of your fee,anywhere between £30.000 to £90,000 per year which is completely over valued and unnecessary because some International Schools are greedy.


16 And 17 year olds doing A Levels will pay £40,000 per year and again everything above is included in the fee. The reason they pay a bit more is because for a 7 week half term period our school will send your child to either the USA or Canada to study for part of their A Level studies they will then return to the UK to finish their studies this exchange visit will occur in their first year of A Level study. So as a school we have to get a Visa and flights sorted out for this exchange. If a student does not wish to take up this opportunity they only pay £35,000. RISE International School of Education offers this opportunity so that students and parents can decide if that country would give their child a better place to study at University but we recommend University education in the UK.